The dynamics of the art world are in motion. Globalisation of the contemporary art market contrasts with its strong regional roots. At the same time, the art world has to reinvent itself under the pressure of climate change and the pandemic.

International art fairs with a strong regional base will continue to become more important, particularly for established, medium-sized and new aspiring galleries.

SPARK Art Fair Vienna consciously aims to achieve a balance between having a strong regional base and an international focus. Its decision to focus on Central Europe, Austria and Vienna strengthens the position of participating galleries and the showcased artworks, while reaching a wide, international audience.

SPARK Art Fair Vienna concentrates on the production, exhibition and sharing of art. Participating galleries are therefore, for the first time, being given a key role in developing and promoting the art market.

The focus on individual exhibitions, combined with the open architecture, allows established collectors and prospective art enthusiasts a more in-depth involvement with the art. The galleries, passionately dedicated to their artists, will share the stories behind the artists and their works in a way that creates excitement and gives an insight into the (at first glance) unknown.